Ex Exhibitor: Mark Brady (Holiday Pirate)

It’s returning Ex Libris Champion, Mark Brady!
Perhaps you’d like a catalogue for exchanging unwanted relatives, a royalty free business idea, or even just a charm to protect against bad hat hair or bad dance moves? Maybe you need an illustrated infographic revealing what global players like Alex Salmond, Donald Trump or Barry Chuckle are thinking? I’m Mark Brady (aka Holiday Pirate) – for all that and animal spirit guides, swing by my stall!
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Ex Exhibitor: Infinite Greyscale

It’s a first for Ex Libris – artist book publishing AND a record label all in one. Superb! None other than Infinite Greyscale
Infinite Greyscale is an artist run publishing project established in 2011 by artists Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quabeck. Originally intended as a platform for independent publishing of artist books Infinite Greyscale added record label IGR in 2013 with a focus on experimental avant garde music. Each record release is a collaboration between artists McDevitt/Quabeck and the musician that will result in a 10“ record with a screen-printed b-side alongside handmade cover artwork and packaging.IGR10 package.jpgIGR10 cover SMALL.jpgIGR08 markus limited edition.jpgigr kunstbibliothek-4.jpg

Ex Exhibitor: Artificial Womb

Dundee’s finest feminist zine, Artificial Womb is back at Ex Libris!
Artificial Womb is a feminist arts zine made by Ana Hine with help from her fiance Alfie Pound and the talents of a wide variety of creative friends and acquaintances. Alongside the current issue of the zine there’ll be back issues, badges, feminist art, and copies of Alfie’s latest graphic novel Settle Petal.
Settlecover001.jpgartificial womb logo baby.jpgCover001.jpgFront Cover #11.png

Ex Exhibitor: Robyn Woolston

Some beautiful book art awaits you from Robyn Woolston!
Robyn Woolston is a visual artist who works across installation, photography, moving image and print. From socially engaged practice to site-specific responses her work seeks to harvest, uncover and re-appropriate what is ‘left behind’ from archetypal narratives to manufacturing byproducts. She often questions economic imperatives, environmental impacts and the disjuncture inherent within our ‘relationship’ between the two.
Previous installations have included 7500 ice-cream containers, 45,000 carrier bags, a selection of trees from Ash to Silver Birch as well as a reproduction Las Vegas sign.
She has shown across the UK, Europe and Australia.Robyn Woolston STRANGERS IN A STRANGE LAND 1 .jpgALWAYS GIVING YOU EXTRA R Woolston.jpgRobyn Woolston Brazil Residency.JPGRobyn Woolston House of Sound 2014 .jpgRobyn Woolston FIELD OF DREAMS.JPG

Ex Exhibitor: Ian Abbott

Ian Abbott likes his comics with a large helping of book binding, and we are so excited to welcome his multi-talentedness to Ex Libris!

Ian can often be found rummaging in other fields of thought and hunting for things to translate, repackage and enhance. For Ex Libris he’ll be sharing his Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection of Vintage Comic Notebooks, examples of previous collaborative book works and some original concertina book writing. Having worked in the performing arts for the past 15 years as a Producer, Manager, Writer and Director; this is his shadowy parallel practice – a book binder. He doesn’t just work on paper.

IMG_0106.JPGP1050069.JPGFullSizeRender (1).jpgHog Front 96pp 001.jpg

Ex Exhibitor: Elizabeth Wein

We’ve got some awesome authors at this year’s fair, including Elizabeth Wein!
Elizabeth Wein is a Perth-based author of historical fiction aimed at the Young Adult audience. Twice short-listed for the Scottish Children’s Book Award and best known for her 2012 novel Code Name Verity, featuring young women as pilots and spies during World War II, Elizabeth’s wartime and Arthurian legend thrillers have received worldwide acclaim. She’ll be selling all her recent books as well as hard-to-find copies of some backlist titles and European language editions.
CNV UK 2015.jpgBDWR UK 2015.jpgrose UK 2015.jpg

Ex Exhibitor: Thomas Heitler

Speaking of comics, this year we’ve got super talented Thomas Heitler, an awesome comic artist!
“I am a freelance comic book artist, with a special interest in space and weirdness. I studied at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. For the Ex Libris event, I plan to have on offer some of the anthologies I’ve been included in, some of my own comics, some postcard art and a selection of A4 illustrations.”space suit horror.jpgfalling.jpglandscape.jpgpizza delivery.jpg

Ex Exhibitor: Treehouse Comic

It’s FRIDAY! What better way to celebrate than COMICS! And not just any comics, but Dundee’s own Treehouse Comic!

Treehouse is Dundee-based independent comic collective that started in 2013 and showcases comics by creators from all over Scotland. We publish a quarterly anthology of our members’ work and are currently working on our tenth issue.

11863361_883301661755263_3887487404109692381_nTH cover 3 (1)TH cover 1TH cover 211393170_824327830985980_8677342891575146623_n

Ex Exhibitor: Maria Stoian

Maria Stoian will not only be exhibiting her lovely work at Ex Libris, but will also be doing a talk as part of the Literary Festival, which Creative Dundee has selected as one of their Top 5 Picks – check it out!

Maria is an illustrator and comics artist based in Edinburgh. She likes to screen print, make zines, go climbing, and meet corgis. Her first book, Take it as a Compliment, is a collective graphic memoir of stories dealing with sexual violence. She’ll have zines and comics and her graphic novel for you to look at, if you want.

tiaac-webimage-justbook.jpg1_7.jpgSTOIAN-creamsodapage1.jpgStoian-NighttimeRoutine-DirtyRottenComics1.jpgThe Trial 1.jpg

Ex Exhibitor: Dundee Comics Creative Space

What could be better than comics on a Monday morning? Comics created by young people, of course! I am thrilled to welcome the Comics Clubbers of Dundee Comics Creative Space to Ex Libris:

“At DCCS we run comics making workshops for young people in Dundee. Over the last few months our Comics Clubbers – aged between 10 and 17 years old – have been working on their own zine style comics which will be for sale at the fair. Look out for the comic book adventures of pugs, superheroes, cavemen, potatoes and much more! Also for sale will be our first comic book collection of strips from the workshops ‘Tales From Dundee and Beyond – Comics Club comics strips volume 1′”

DCCS cole lawson.jpgDCCS stella schick.jpgDCCS Jenni Michie.jpgDCCS harry higgins.jpgDCCS david renwick.jpg